What is my need?

If your are seeking...

·  … a Basic site or a Landing Page that is straightforward, easy to maintain and at a reasonable cost

·  … a corporate website for your company to meet your demands with progressive features and cyber protection
·  … an e-commerce platform for merchandising and selling your products and services

·  … a definite solution that create an educational online portal, we develop Ad hoc services

How much does it cost?

Our offers & package include:

·  Registering Domain to help your business secure an online presence to build credibility, protect trademarks and copyrights, and advanced cloud hosting for scalability and flexibility

·   Providing SEO optimization to boost high-quality website traffic for your company
·  Cutting-edge security measure and daily backups

·  Outstanding graphic design that stands out in the market

What is the procedure?

We will have following steps:

·     Contact us requesting the preliminary quotation through the email in our website or phone number

·   Initial interaction to get a picture of your need and budget for scope determination of the project

·  Preparation of draft, revision, and contract preparation

·  Preliminary preparation for documentation: providing reference copies, websites and other useful resources

·  Development of the project with frequent weekly progress updates and follow-up meetings

·  Project handover after successful completion